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Airocide Air Purifier

Airocide Air Purifier
Feel Better Guaranteed

The Airocide air purifier was developed for one reason, to help you and your family feel better.
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FREE Decorative Sleeve

Decorative Sleeve.
A fresh look.

Fresh, crisp and clean. Change the look of your Airocide unit by adding this decorative sleeve. Featuring dark wood grain, this sleeve adds a warm touch to the product’s upscale appearance and enhances the look of any décor.
Check out the installation video.

Price: $99.00 *Free with today's purchase
Floor Stand

Floor Stand.
Stands clearly above the rest.

Place Airocide technology in its proper place – on a pedestal. For optimal results, Airocide should be placed four to six feet off of the floor. If you have limited room to place the Airocide unit on a dresser or table, the Floor Stand accessory is perfect and gives the flexibility to place the Airocide unit at the proper height for any room.Check out the installation video.

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Wall Mount

Wall Mount.
Airocide can hang with the best of them.

Put your Airocide on display with our wall mount, giving you the flexibility of placement in any room. We recommend hanging anywhere from four to six feet high for optimal performance.Check out the installation video.

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Reaction Chamber Replacement Kit.

Reaction Chamber Replacement Kit. Once a year. That's it.

With Airocide, there are no filters to change or electrostatic plates to periodically wipe off. You’ll just replace the Reaction Chambers when the indicator light starts blinking, approximately once a year.Check out the installation video.

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