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Things You May Need Or Like To Know About Your Order And Special Offers.

Order Status

Use this link to track the status of your order 24/7 www.customerstatus.com Or contact us direct if you need additional assistance.

Special Offers

Multi-unit Rebate

Just after launching Airocide, customers began to inquire about multiple-purchase discounts. We listened. Today, Airocide offers a $100 rebate on any subsequent unit purchased directly from the Company. All you need to do is fill out all sections in the form below to receive the $100 credit. This rebate applies to each and every purchase made after the initial unit purchase. We will process your rebate by crediting your credit card within 45 days of submittal. Rebate is only good on additional units that were purchased at $799 or $899 (once the 60-day return period has expired). The rebate may not be combined with any other offers. By submitting this form, you automatically opt in to receive emails, offers, and other communications from Airocide.

Refurbished Units

From time to time, people return their units via the Airocide guarantee program. Upon receipt of these returned devices, Airocide inspects each unit to insure proper functionality and for physical defects. Once a retuned unit has passed Airocide’s Good As New inspection, it is available for purchase as a refurbished unit.

While refurbished units may contain slight aesthetic imperfections, they are fully functional and come with the same 60-day money back guarantee and 5-year warranty found on our new units.

Refurbished units are offered at $599, a 25% discount to our standard retail price of $799. This $200 in savings is a great way to take advantage of Airocide’s revolutionary technology at a lower price.

Due to high demand, refurbished units are not always available for sale. The best way to learn about when they are being offered is to sign up for our Newsletter for frequent updates and like us on Facebook where we notify our followers of these special offers.

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