Do You Really Need An Air Purifier?

TechnologyFebruary 25, 2019

At Airocide, air purification is our business. We produce two consumer and four industrial air purification products. Our company opened its doors in 2001, so we have been at this for a very long time. We think our products are the best on the market, and we happy to prove that in any way we can. Be it with a rigorous third party study, or answering every question you have on our cell phones after hours. Whatever it takes to meet your air purification needs, we will happily do. But, the reality is that air purification is not something everyone needs. And, the great products that we make are just not for everyone. We have built a reputation for transparency over the last eighteen years, so we invite to find out if what we do is for you.  What A Filter Is For Most people associate air purification with filters. That is a reasonable connection. And, it is probably based on a lifetime of observation. While our products do not contain conventional filters, such filters certainly have a role to play in your home. Filters catch things in a dense fiber matrix. And, for some circumstances this all that you need. For example, if you have dust in your home’s air and it is a nuisance or provokes an allergic response. A filter is without question what you need to solve your problem. But, you don’t need an air purifier. To be perfectly candid there is absolutely no reason to spend $500, $800, or $1,000 on a device which is nothing more than a box filter and powerful fan. None at all. The reason for this is that most of the people reading this have an air handler in their home. That air handler has a filter. And, all of your home’s air will be pushed through it at regular intervals. What you should do is invest in a good HVAC filter each month, and replace the old one with it. You can get a really good one at just about any grocery store for around $20. Make this a habit, and put it on your calendar for the first of each month. If you have a service to manage this for you, it is even easier. Doing this will contribute mightily to keeping the air in your home free of dust. Moreover, it will be far more effective than any filter based air purifier ever could be. Again, every bit of air in your home will pass through your HVAC filter. There is absolutely no need to invest a substantial sum of money in a single room device which will probably require $200 or more in annual filter replacements. If you are properly maintaining your air hander there is just no need for this. The other thing to do is get a really good vacuum which contains a HEPA filter, and regularly clean your floors. Pay special attention to the carpet. Years of dust can accumulate in the fibers, and it is forced into the surrounding air when disturbed. Regular cleaning will eliminate this problem. Again, a vacuum is something everyone needs and likely already owns. Proper floor cleaning and air handler maintenance will solve air quality problems for most people.      Who Needs An Air Purifier? So, who needs air purification? Anyone whose problems extend beyond household dust, dander, or pet hair. Common issues are volatile organic compounds (VOCs), mold, odor, allergen, and particulate matter. All of these can be seriously detrimental to your health, and certainly merit the purchase of an air purifier. But, a conventional filter will not solve them. You need something more, and Airocide is very unique in being something more. Both of our products use a technology called PCO. It was discovered by a couple of Japanese scientists, studied academically for thirty years, refined by NASA, and tailored by us for everyday use. PCO is not easy. There are many ways to get it wrong, and only one way to get it right. If you move air too rapidly through a PCO device, you will get harmful by products. If you don’t have a sufficient amount of reaction space you will get harmful by products. If you don’t use the right kind of activating light you will get harmful by products. That is why Airocide has dedicated so much time to perfecting PCO. Our products get all of these variables right. That is why we were cleared by the FDA and the California Air Resources Board. Furthermore, all of our testing was done by a group called AQS in Atlanta, GA. They are the premier air purification testing lab in the world. We can say with total confidence our products work as advertised, and are completely safe.    The Airocide Difference We understand that an air purifier is a significant investment.  And if you are considering an Airocide device, you are probably looking at other air purification solutions as well. That is perfectly reasonable. We would just say that you should look very closely at how any technology is developed, and how it is validated. The world of air purification is full of fly by night players. And, the internet is full of misinformation.  Don’t end up making a very expensive mistake.  Our company believes that performance should be our best advertisement. So, we do not attempt to malign the efforts of other companies in the air purifier space. However, some of these other companies do not return the favor. In the last week, we have been made aware of several outright lies told about our product. We are always happy to set the record straight, and will gladly supply hard data to back up anything we say. You can always expect transparency from Airocide. If our products are not right for you we will tell you that. If it is, we will always tell you why. We are so confident in this claim, we have listed the email address for our CTO, Mr.David Ghelerter below. Contact him anytime with any question.  David Ghelerter –