Improving Your Health At Home: A Guide

AllergiesFebruary 4, 2019

  It’s no secret that you’ll begin to feel much glummer if your house is cluttered, dusty and not maintained. However, there are ways of cleaning and improving your home that not only make you feel perkier, but could have beneficial effects on your overall health.  Remove hidden dust You might actually need to put the feather duster away for this one – a wet flannel might be best for those with severe allergies. Swirling dust and grit up in the air isn’t exactly ideal for sinuses. Another big-hitter for those who are susceptible to sneezing fits is your humble carpet. Carpets are naturally big magnets for allergens, as they trap tiny particles between the fibers that you walk over on a daily basis. Giving the carpet not only a vacuum clean but a wash ensures that dust and dust mites are swilled away, giving you an allergy-free carpet. Hiring a company to undergo a deep clean, which can be found at, is one way of solving your sniffles.  Once you have cleaned your house, though, you need to ensure that you keep your house as healthy as possible. Invest in an air purifier, for instance, that can help remove dust and pet odor, as well as remove triggers for Asthma Attacks. There are many health benefits of an air purifier, as mentioned above, but they can also trap tobacco and cigarette smoke, as well as remove outside fumes and pollutants.      Have plenty of little bins As much as we put effort into improving our health, it’s impossible to prevent bugs like the cold and flu from spreading around the whole family. Viruses and illnesses are spread by passing germs from person to person, and a way to avoid that is to make sure tissues and anything we’ve touched or unwrapped go safely in the bin. Dotting peddle bins around the house avoids bundles of tissues from piling up when we or a loved one comes down with a bug.  Invest in some air-cleaning plants The addition of houseplants to a room has been shown to reduce the amount of air particulates. Although, if you suffer from hay fever, it’s advised that you’re careful about the plants you select and how regularly they flower. Here’s a list of some of the biggest air cleaners:
  • Spider plants
  • Dracaena 
  • Peace lily 
  • Boston fern
Keep the fruit bowl in sight  Bad at getting your five-a-day? Does your fruit usually go off before you get round to eating it? Putting your fruit bowl in an area you spend a lot of time in, such as the living room, is the best way to remind you to eat it. Placing it on your coffee table or computer desk means you’re less likely to keep diving into the kitchen for less healthy snacks.      Invest in a standing desk If you work from home and want to keep the circulation going, then investing in a standing desk might be a good place to start. Research has found that standing for just three minutes after sitting for 60 minutes can help reduce the effects of prolonged sitting, which has been found to be detrimental to most people’s health. You might even want to throw in some stretches and yoga poses if you’re keen on staying active while working.  Building your own personal sanctuary in your house is the first step to cultivating a rested and peaceful mind, before anything else. A clean house often equals a clean mind, and you might begin to find other health benefits if you decide to add some healthy snacks and greenery, too. At the very least, doing some housework might count as a bit of daily exercise.