The Air In Your
Nursery Could
Put Your
Child At Risk.

At Airocide we simply believe that families with kids deserve an extra measure of protection from airborne pathogens.

What’s Lurking In Your Nursery, Child’s Bedroom And Playroom?

Good Morning America recently detailed a serious problem in our homes that is starting to garner more attention: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

VOCs are harmful gases that are emitted from virtually everything you bring into your home – especially, a freshly decorated environment like a nursery. Things like paint, carpeting, furniture, draperies and even cleaning solutions all emit these potentially harmful gases.


Airocide Air Purifer: A New Mom
“Must Have” For The Nursery.

We conducted a test to measure the harmful VOCs in a new nursery. We built a nursery, painted the walls, installed new carpet and bought all the new “baby items” one might purchase. The first emissions reading in the room measured over 2420 VOCs. We then added the Airocide air purifier to the baby’s nursery and within the first seven days VOCs were reduced by 79% — A significant reduction.

If VOCs Are This Harmful, Why Haven’t I Heard Of Them Before?

Air purification companies are aware that traditional filters can’t destroy VOCs, so they conveniently avoid the topic. Airocide is different.

The Airocide air purifier doesn’t use filters, instead, Airocide uses cutting edge NASA developed technology that was specifically designed to remove VOCs. Moreover, our technology has been proven to eradicate things big and small. From airborne asthmagens and allergens, like VOC gases and viruses to dust mites and pet dander. Just turn it on and let our Airocide air purifier take care of the rest. It’s simply the best air purifier for your baby’s nursery.


Airocide Air Purifier Eliminates Nursery Odors.

As parents we know that our tiny angels are capable of producing some remarkable odors. Airocide uses NASA developed technology to eradicate lingering organic odors from body odor (sweat), feet and other unmentionables so that your child’s room stays fresh and clean. More importantly it’s also highly effective at removing the really harmful pathogens like the molecules of an influenza virus, H1N1, even MRSA[1]. Protect your child with our Airocide air purifier and breathe easy. Your little ones will.

Create Your Sanctuary.

Airocide can be used in a room of any size from a large bedroom or family room, to a cozy den.

Simply turn the unit on, then relax. Now begin to enjoy a whole new level of air purification.

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You Won’t Need A Guarantee.

But it’s there. We’re so confident that Airocide is the best air purifier for your nursery that our guarantee is available to you for any reason within 60-days of your purchase.

The premise is simple: Airocide will scrub the air of allergy triggers, lingering mold spores, musty odors and harmful VOCs. If our air purifier doesn’t help you feel better, simply return it for a full refund. We will even pay for return shipping. No gotcha’s, no hassles, nothing to lose. It’s an honest proposition from a Company that believes it has a game-changing technology that you should experience for yourself.


Your First 60 Days With Airocide.

Getting Started.

If you can plug in an appliance, you can install the Airocide air purifier. It can sit on a chest of drawers or a bedside table with equal ease; vertically or horizontally — it makes no difference. A special kit is available if you would prefer to hang it on a wall and there’s even a stand that allows you to place it in just the right space.


Something Is Happening To The Air.

Before you notice a difference in the way you feel, you’ll notice a difference in the way the air smells. It’s cleaner, somehow crisper. You won’t be able to put your finger on it, but you’ll know something is different.

Little Lungs Love Airocide.

Let’s face it, there is a certain level of airborne contaminant found in every room. And, it moves about every time something stirs the air. The Airocide air purifier is designed to remove it. It knocks down the bio-burden that results from the off gassing from paint, carpets, new furniture and household cleaning supplies like decontaminants and air fresheners. Experience clean air over several days and you begin to see a difference in your child as their body finds relief.


What Air Purifier?

Airocide is so unobtrusive it seems to disappear. By now it has become part of your child’s nursery or room, safely and effectively removing harmful airborne particles and unwanted odors to a level you never before thought possible. Living with the Airocide air purifier, you notice improved air quality, fewer allergy triggers, reduced stuffiness and itchy eyes. You truly smell a difference in the air and see a difference in your child.

Now you can do more, be more and live more by adding Airocide air purifier to your already healthy lifestyle. It’s easy. No filters to change, no ozone to worry about, just fresh, crisp air.


Listen To Parents Like You Who Have Experienced Airocide First Hand.

Then try it for yourself. You have nothing to lose.


“It’s absolutely worth it.”


“It’s definitely helping him.”


“He’s almost a year old and he has not gotten sick once.”

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As a mother there is nothing more important to me than what is going into my daughter’s body.

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We definitely noticed a difference, especially in allowing Ethan to sleep through the night.

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Since I set it (Airocide) up, it (eczema) has almost totally healed (with no fancy lotions or medicines).

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Feel Better. Guaranteed.

The Airocide air purifier was developed for one reason, to help you and your family feel better.

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