Make A New Airs Resolution This Year

AllergiesJanuary 29, 2019

  I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas and I hope that many of you got some air purifiers under the tree this year because we all need healthier and cleaner air. With the new year having just begun, everyone is making new year’s resolutions. I have a better idea. let’s make some New Airs resolutions instead. We need to clean the air in our homes and be healthier. So I challenge you to commit to cleaner air by using an air purifier in your home. There are lots of benefits to using an air purifier. Here are just a few:  

They remove asthma attack triggers

  Did you know that most asthma triggers are found in the home? These triggers can include dry skin cells, dirt, dust, carbon monoxide, household cleaners, air-freshening sprays, smoke from cooking, paint products, cosmetics, mold, perfumes, and much more. Even new carpets that are off-gassing can be triggers.   If not removed from the air, these harmful particles can get in your lungs and cause all sorts of problems. They are everywhere in your home and you need to remove them.  

They get rid of pet dander, dust and other allergens

  Allergies are no fun at all. Whether it is just itchy eyes or full blown wheezing and a runny nose, allergies stink. You can dramatically reduce your allergy problems with the simple addition of an air purifier or two in your home. It’s pretty simple really. You get the bad stuff out of your air and that means you get good stuff in your lungs. We are all much happier without allergy symptoms.  

They can trap asbestos particles

  Asbestos is a big problem in some environments. It’s a mineral that is made up of durable fibers and is heat and chemical resistant. It was used for many products like building materials, but since then it has been proven that asbestos can cause mesothelioma, a deadly cancer that affects the lungs, as well as other illnesses. An air purifier can help to get rid of some of the particles.  

Removing pollutants from the air can reduce stress

  Did you know that people who breathe unpolluted air are less stressed than those who breathe polluted air? It’s true. And it’s another good reason for us to clean up the air in our homes. When you breath in clean air, your cortisol levels decrease, which lessens your stress and allows you to relax more.  

They increase air circulation, which means that they do an amazing job cleaning the air.

  Think about it. Our homes are sealed. We caulk the windows, sealed the door jams and more in an effort to keep drafts out. However, these things trap the pollutants inside as well. Air purifiers can help circulate the oxygen in your home up to several times an hour. You are not only cleaning your air, but you are also circulating it and getting more oxygen.  

Air Purifiers eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

  VOCs are chemicals that can reach high vapor pressure at regular room temperatures. They can damage your health and can lead to many illnesses. These chemicals are in paint, and other home furnishings, even clothes from the dry cleaners. These VOCs can be reduced simply by using an air purifier.   These are just a few of the benefits of having an air purifier in your home. There are many more. It just makes sense to keep your air clean since it directly affects our health. Wouldn’t you rather be healthy and breath easy? Of course, we all want to be happy and healthy.