Bring NASA Technology Home.

Born In The Imaginings Of NASA Scientists.


The Airocide Story begins in space. Planning for a manned mission to Mars, the question arose as to how to feed the crew when there’s no way to resupply them. The answer? Grow gardens in space.

But There’s A Catch.

Nearly all plants, especially those that produce fruits and vegetables emit ethylene gas. Ethylene, a typical volatile organic compound (VOC), is the natural occurring plant hormone that signals fruits and vegetables to ripen. On earth ethylene naturally dissipates into the atmosphere. But, in a sealed spacecraft like the shuttle or space station, concentrated exposure causes fruits and vegetables to ripen too rapidly and spoil before they can be consumed. In short, NASA had a VOC problem.


Their challenge was complicated by the fact that these VOC gas molecules are too small to be filtered. So small that they would pass through hospital HEPA grade filters essentially unimpeded. NASA not only needed a way to completely clean the air, but also needed their invention to consume very little power, be virtually maintenance free and produce no harmful byproducts like Ozone. Their solution was elegant and resulted in a way to purify the air at a level never before possible. It’s called Airocide.

Bringing NASA Technology Down To Earth.

Originally licensed for privatization by the agency, Airocide soon took root in commercial applications for the removal of ethylene gas. In 2001 during the tragic Anthrax threats in Washington, D.C., Airocide, in conjunction with NASA and one of its research facilities (the University of Wisconsin), tested Airocide technology and determined it to be effective in eliminating Anthrax spores.

In fact, Airocide eliminated over 99.9% of spores that entered its Reaction Chamber. This discovery spurred other research which determined the technology was effective in destroying bacteria, viruses, and virtually any VOC it came in contact with, as well as pollen, mold spores, mycotoxins, dust mites … you name it. In essence, anything organic that passed through its Reaction Chamber.

Technology Takes Off Across Commercial Industries.

Since 1998 the commercial uses for the technology have rapidly expanded. Food packers, wineries and grocery chains have been using Airocide to protect their products from mold, bacteria and to extend the shelf life of perishables by as much as two weeks.

Hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms, dental offices, schools and daycare centers have been using Airocide since 2003 to curtail the spread of infectious airborne disease.

Airocide. Air Purification That Works.

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