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Airocide Test Results from Government Institutions, Leading Universities and Independent Laboratories.

Results from 12 years of scientific testing in the United States, field use on the Space Station, lab studies and case studies are contained in detail below.

No Ozone – Airocide tested by the State of Wisconsin Hygiene Laboratory and Air Quality Sciences, Inc.

Mycotoxins – Toxic Portion of Mold Spores Decomposition by Airocide tested by Texas Tech University.

Bacillus Anthracis Spores – University of Wisconsin and the State of Wisconsin Hygiene Laboratory tested Bacillus thuringiensis spores with a 99.9986% kill Rate in a Single Pass. NASA Published Results.

Self-Cleaning Airocide Catalyst – “Mineralization of E. Coli to Water Vapor and Carbon Dioxide,” tested and published by The National Energy Laboratory.

Peer Reviewed Published Paper – Texas A&M University “Airocide in a Hospital Operating Room.”

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