Airocide Air Purifier

Airocide® Air Purifier

AIROCIDE: A different kind of air purifier
Airocide is so scientifically advanced it doesn’t use a filter. It rids the air of virtually 100% of harmful pathogens like mold, dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses and household VOCs by eliminating them completely. Used in commercial settings for years in hospitals, dental practices, day care centers and food and wine industries, Airocide clears the air like no other and leaves only pure, clear, crisp air and is backed by over 12 years of independent research.

Gross weight: 9.0 lbs
Dimensions: 6.9" x 18.7" x 6.0"
Cleans any size room in your home
  • FDA Approved
  • Technology developed by NASA
  • No filters to clean or blades to wipe off
  • No Ozone
Price: $799 or monthly payments of $99.99 - Free Decorative Sleeve and Free Shipping when you order today ($130 value)

In The News

Fast Company: 'Worth the investment.' MAXIM: 'You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know how helpful Airocide could be.' Mashable: 'Optimize, simplify and beautify your home.' CNN: 'Super gadgets for your high tech home.'
Thrillist: 'Arted-up air purifier.' AskMan: 'An air purifier the pros have been relying on for years.' Gizmodo: 'Technology licensed from NASA.' Gizmag: 'NASA technology in a household product.'
Uncrate: 'Lethal for airborne nastiness.' werd.: 'Serious air purifier.' Mother Nature Network: 'Designed to annihilate VOCs and airborne household allergens and mold.' New Deal Design: 'Celebrate air purification.'
TrendHunter: 'Perfectly sanitized air.' Mike Shouts: 'Near-rocket science technology.' Tech Investor News: 'Neutralizes indoor air pollution.' Necessary Coolness: 'Fashionable.'
Desire This: 'Unparalleled aesthetic experience.' Stupid Dope: 'Reasonably priced.' Splash Magazines: 'This isn't your typical new and improved - Airocide is a whole new technology' 'No filters. No cleaning.
Wordless Tech: 'Designed for the Space Station.' Blackle Mag: 'Commit Airocide!' Luxury Launches: 'Protects government employees from Anthrax.' More Inspiration: 'Neutralizes biological pollutants.'
ecosalon: 'Like many of our most revolutionary technologies, the Airocide was developed in response to a problem in space' POPSCI: 'May 2013's Hottest Gadgets' Mom's Favorite Stuff: 'I saw improvement in less than two weeks' She Scribes!: 'We all want to live in a safe environment, especially when it comes to your family.
LLS Life. Love. Shopping.: 'Gear up for the 2013 allergy season. Michael Freedman, CEO of Airocide, on ways to help you this allergy season.' The Florida Times-Union: 'The key point is, yes, it's new, yes, it's different, but it works.' The Daily Buzz: 'CEO Michael Freedman stopped by The Daily Buzz to discuss the 2013 allergy season and offered great tips to allergy proof your home.' sustainablog: 'Airocide: NASA's Answer To the Home Air Purifier'

Why should YOU try Airocide in your home? Find out!

Asthma Sufferer - Now Symptom Free

"Ashleigh is a long-time allergy and asthma sufferer; she has been struggling with frequent bouts of allergies and asthma. Hear what she has to say about Airocide."
- Ashleigh C.

Results in one week.

"Within a week after the Airocide system was installed, my runny nose and sinus discomfort stopped"
- Janice Belbol - Clifton, NJ

Allergy symptoms gone.

"My 18-year-old daughter has suffered from allergies for eight years. We have tried several different medicines that don’t seem to rid her of her allergies. We have been using Airocide in our home for just under five months and her allergy symptoms appear to be completely gone!"
- Richard Pressley - Crown Point, IN


Free Decorative Sleeve 

A fresh look. 

Fresh, crisp and clean. Change the look of your Airocide unit by adding this decorative sleeve. Featuring dark wood grain, this sleeve adds a warm touch to the product’s appearance and enhances the upscale look of any room.

PRICE:   $99*

*free with today’s purchase

Floor Stand 

Stands clearly above the rest. 

Place Airocide technology in its proper place – on a pedestal. For optimal results, Airocide should be placed one to eight feet off of the floor. If you have limited room to place the Airocide unit on a shelf or table, the Floor Stand accessory is perfect and gives the flexibility to place the Airocide unit at the proper height for any room.

PRICE:    $129.00

Wall Mount 

Airocide can hang with the best of them. 

Put your Airocide on display with our wall mount, giving you the flexibility of placement in any room. We recommend hanging anywhere from 1-8 feet high for optimal performance.

PRICE:    $39.00

Reaction Chambers Replacement Kit 

Once a year. That's it. 

With Airocide, there are no filters to change or electrostatic plates to periodically wipe off. You’ll just replace the Reaction Chamber when indicator light starts blinking, usually once a year.

PRICE:    $99.00