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Hundreds of satisfied Airocide users have joined the Clear Air Revolution. Here are what a few have to say about what Airocide has done for them.

Son is living a healthier life
Rose’s youngest boy has cold induced asthma. Minor colds turned into hospital visits. But, since bringing Airocide home, the severity and duration of the episodes has been significantly reduced. With Airocide, “my kids can just be kids.”.
– Rose S.
Allergy Sufferer Finds Relief
“Allergy sufferer that thought he had nothing to lose to try Airocide. Now he feels better and sleeps better.”
– August C.
Respiratory Issues Gone!
“Severe allergy issues plagued her. Airocide provided the relief she had been looking for. “Airocide changed my life”.
– Ingrid G.
Allergies ruin her day by keeping her awake a night
She tried filtered air purifiers before and found that they didn’t work. But, within a week of installing Airocide she was able to sleep through the night.
– Patrice C.
Son diagnosed at a very young age with allergy-induced asthma
Her son could be out at a sporting activity and get an asthma flare-up. Rescue medicine and time used to be the only answer. Now it’s different. They call Airocide “his other medicine.” “It’s definitely helping him.”
– Julie M.
Her asthmatic son would grow out of it but she had to take precautions.
“Airocide was the easiest thing we've ever had to use to improve his health. It started to help him right away. Airocide really works. It does what it says it’s going to do.”
– Irene Q.
She was hopeful that Airocide’s promises were real
She wasn’t sleeping. The allergies were annoying but not sleeping because she couldn’t breathe at night was what she couldn’t stand. Airocide made a difference.
– Debbie S.
A roommate’s dog that has the run of the apartment was making her allergies worse. “I installed Airocide my allergies are a lot better, I don’t wake up congested and the doggie odor is gone.”
– Angela M.
My husband and daughter’s allergies when inside our home are GONE!!!
“I received my Airocide as a gift when I attended The Ellen Show (3/6/13) she did a live commercial about it. My daughter was with me and she received one as well. I talked my daughter into letting me have hers as well. I now have one running upstairs and downstairs and the difference is Amazing!!! I run a Non Profit Animal Rescue (Barks and Wiggles Boxer Rescue) out of my home and it has totally eliminated any and all smells. My husband and youngest daughter’s allergies when inside our home are GONE!!! They were the first ones to notice the difference. I tell everyone about my Airocide. IT IS SOMETHING EVERY HOME SHOULD HAVE.”
– Samantha H.
Results in one week.
“Within a week after the Airocide system was installed, my runny nose and sinus discomfort stopped.”
– Janice B. – Clifton, NJ
Allergy symptoms gone.
“My 18-year-old daughter has suffered from allergies for eight years. We have tried several different medicines that don’t seem to rid her of her allergies. We have been using Airocide in our home for just under five months and her allergy symptoms appear to be completely gone!”
– Richard P. – Crown Point, IN
Changed my life.
“Over the years I’ve tried various air purifiers, been on prescription medication, and just plain suffered. I can honestly say that installing an Airocide unit in my bedroom has changed the quality of my life. It is absolutely the best investment in my health I have ever made. Within a few short weeks I was free of any allergy symptoms. And since installing the unit I have not had a single sinus infection. I am a believer in the power of Airocide. It has, quite simply, changed my life for the better.”
– Krista Lindsey W. – Jacksonville, FL
Problem solved.
“Our son has had eczema (skin rash) for years. We had been using several steroid creams all these years with little or no success. But, when we put the Airocide machine in his room, we noticed within weeks the eczema had cleared up. We then started backing off the steroid creams until the eczema came back. Now, with the perfect combination of Airocide and the steroid cream, the problem is solved.”
– Ari S. – Denver, CO

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Andy Dean

Andy Dean

"I love my Airocide and so will you!"

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Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee

"I have had a recurring cough for over a month that persisted when in Israel. After only two weeks with Airocide clearing the air in my home, my cough is gone. This product is truly amazing."

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Thom Hartmann

Thom Hartmann

"My allergies are gone, no more stuffy noses, plus it eliminated the odor from our cats. This product is amazing. I love my Airocide units!"

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Stephanie Miller

Stephanie Miller

"I love my Airocide units. I noticed a huge difference with my allergies, no more sneezing and I sleep much better!"

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