What Makes Airocide Different?

TechnologyFebruary 18, 2019

  Let’s face it, if you are in the market for an air purifier you have a lot of options. So many different brands, and so many different types of technology fueling those brands. Why should you pick Airocide? It isn’t the most well-known. And, it certainly isn’t the least expensive. Let’s get these questions answered, and get you up to speed on why our air purifier is the best choice you can make.  Developed By NASA Probably the most interesting thing about our product is its history. The technology was after-all developed by NASA. No other air purifier on the market can legitimately make this claim. You can explore our legacy in detail on our website, or you can get it right from the source at www.nasa.gov. Type “AIROCIDE” into the search bar on the top right corner, grab a cup of coffee, and do some reading. We think it is quite interesting, and hope you will too.  The Airocide technology is based on a concept called Photocatalytic Oxidation or PCO for short. PCO was discovered by a couple of Japanese scientists, and later put into practice by NASA for a couple of its space missions. PCO relies on something called a catalyst, which in Chemistry is what gets a reaction going. That is the secret sauce you might say. Figuring out how to make the catalyst was NASA’s great contribution to the history of PCO. And, it is no small feat. PCO is very easy to get wrong. And, if you do get it wrong, you end up with harmful by-products. This was confirmed by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (smart guys) back in 2006. They used a really high air flow, and comparatively little catalyst. They ended up with VOC emissions. Not a lot, but it is kind of hard to call yourself an air purifier if you sell something that emits pollutants. Certainly not a risk that NASA could take with human lives aboard a sealed space craft. The trick to getting PCO right it turns out, was combining low air flow with lots of catalyst. That’s how they got PCO right, and so many others got it wrong.  How It Works So, at this point you are probably wondering how PCO actually works. Well, we will take a step back and explain. The catalyst we mentioned is activated by a specific type of light. Light is a wave. Much like the ones you see at the shore. One of the attributes of any wave is its length, predictably called its wavelength. The light that an Airocide device uses is exactly 254 nanometers (one billionth of a meter). Producing this type of light requires custom light bulbs. This is as you can imagine difficult to do, and this is one of Airocide’s unique qualities. Using a lamp that produces any other type of light, even wavelengths which are very close can be hazardous. Light that is 180 nanometers, for example, will lead to the production of Ozone. Ozone is terrible for you to breathe, and banned in many places. So, we have to take care to get this exactly right. Once the catalyst is illuminated with this light, chemistry starts to happen. Water vapor present in the air is split in a very specific way. And, what you end up with is really unique. It is called a Hydroxyl Radical. This radical will never leave the surface of the catalyst, but is very powerful. When air pollutants (like VOCs, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, etc) collide with it, it will change the chemical structure of the air pollutants. So, you start with something harmful in the air, and using chemistry, convert it to something benign. Of course, this is a lot to digest so we have a short video to clear up any confusion.  If you were paying close attention reading the previous paragraph, you probably noticed that there are no filters involved in Airocide’s PCO process. This is a true filterless air purifier. Don’t misunderstand, filters are great. You need them, and Airocide in no way replaces them. If you have an air conditioner in your home, then make sure you are changing the filters monthly. The filter is great for removing dust, pet dander, and other large things in your air. However, the types of air pollutants we are talking about – VOC’s, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and other allergy triggers – are simply too small to trapped in a filter media. They have to be handled in other ways. Airocide uses its patented NASA PCO catalyst to chemically eliminate them.  Another Airocide advantage is that it is completely safe. It emits no harmful by-products. You don’t even have to take our word for it either. The FDA has classified Airocide as a class 2 medical device. This means that it can be used in operating rooms during surgical procedures. So, there is no deadly ozone or noxious VOCs coming from our device.  Great Deal The Airocide catalyst is also self-cleaning. The Hydroxyl Radical is constantly busy eliminating air quality issues. And, because Airocide is an elimination solution there is nothing to collect on the catalyst surface. Other air purification methods such as activated carbon or PECO, become saturated and literally start losing air purifiying power as soon as it is turned on. The only maintenance an Airocide requires is one annual bulb change. Light bulbs don’t last forever, even very good ones. So, that does require regular replacement.  Airocide is a truly unique air purifier. It comes from NASA. It is filterless. And, it is powerful enough to remove even the smallest air pollutants in your home. It is also proven by the FDA to be completely safe for your home. It is self-cleaning, and  requires very little maintenance. We hope this is enough to convince you to give us a try. You can do so without risk. We offer an unconditional money back guarantee for sixty days. Of course, if you still have any lingering questions you can always send us an email or message us on Facebook.