Airocide Air Purifier

When it's substandard, it affects every part of our breathing and our living. We never realized how good we'd feel if the air were clear and pure. Because when the air is clear, we are suddenly elevated. We begin to see the potential and possibility with newfound clarity. Our homes become our sanctuary, giving us the freedom to enjoy more, do more, play more and even be more.

Whether you suffer from allergies, have asthma or simply want everyone in your home to breathe clear air, try Airocide risk-free for 60 days.

With Airocide, you didn't know you could feel this good.
We guarantee it.

Airocide draws in harmful airborne pathogens and forces them into a densely packed matrix of highly reactive catalysts that are activated by a highly intensity 254-nanometer light. The reaction destroys these harmful pathogens on contact. Nothing is captured so there is nothing to clean. All that exits is crisp, clear air, with zero ozone emissions.

When space station astronauts needed to eliminate the ethylene gas produced by plants that accelerate ripening of foods, NASA engineers along with the help from the University of Wisconsin, found a solution: An air purification technology that eliminates 99% of ethylene gas from the air. Gone. No filters. No harmful emissions. Further testing found Airocide was virtually 100% effective in destroying other harmful toxins, pollen, dust mites, viruses...and the list goes on and on.

"More akin to an elegant piece of furniture than a home-appliance, Airocide is wrapped in a walnut shell with an etched aluminum lattice that houses technology within it.A distinctive interior void made to enhance airflow, is accented by a bright color pop. Airocide Air Purifier is advanced technology made human, compelling one to re-evaluate the air purifier as something not to be hidden away, but celebrated." New Deal Design, March 13, 2013,

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One in five people suffer from allergy or asthma symptoms.*
If you're an allergy and asthma sufferer, you've probably tried everything from air filters, to medications, to diet modifications and maybe even moving to another state! If you're still searching for that one solution that will ease your suffering, Airocide could be the answer-at last.

Airocide has helped thousands of allergy sufferers, and is hard at work in homes right now helping to decrease the symptoms of allergies and help people live better lives. Because Airocide eliminates (not filters) virtually 100% of all airborne pathogens including the main allergy triggers: mold, fungi, pollen, dust mites, viruses, bacteria and VOCs – basically the harmful gasses emitted by products like aerosol sprays, cleaning supplies, dry-cleaned clothing, building materials, pesticides, carpet, furniture and even air fresheners (a claim traditional air filters can't even come close to making). We've seen dramatic improvements for users across the country.

Read the true stories from Airocide users in our Testimonials section of this site.

If you're like any parent who's had or is having a baby, you want what's best for your child and their nursery.

You choose every element with care and safety in mind. But I'll bet you didn't know that with each new piece of furniture, stroke of a new paint color, or new rug or carpet, you're filling the baby's room with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOCs are emitted from these common household items, even the cleaners that you use in your baby's room emit microscopic pathogens, It's what you can't see that hurts your child most, causing illness and allergic reactions.

With Airocide destroying virtually 100% of these pathogens in your baby's room, or any child's room for that matter, you can sleep soundly knowing that your child is breathing pure, clear air.

We all love our pets and if you're like most people, you've grown accustomed to everything about them. Their unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship – even the occasional muddy paw or knocked over vase.

The one thing you may not notice (because they live with you) is the occasional pet odor from things like dander and kitty litter that your visitors might.

These odors are actually caused by the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) given off by the animal and can cause illness and respiratory irritation, not to mention an unwanted smell in your home. Airocide removes virtually all of the VOCs from the air, eliminating the smells, increasing the air quality, and increasing the enjoyment you get from your pets.

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